I am a senior at Trinity High School and I will be graduating in five months. I will be then attending CSU to study criminology. I hope one day I will be working for the FBI or even the CIA. I plan on living in Cleveland and getting a job with SWAT in the city of Cleveland. One day I may move to PA though and start something there.

     I have had many experiences at Trinity High School. One thing that really stands out about me going to this high school is that they have internships. I have been lucky to be placed in a security internship. By me being placed there helps me learn a little more about the field of criminal justice. I have been placed in the same internship for two year and I like it a lot. This gives me courage that I will like what I am going for in college and that I will like a job that has something to do with security or even protection of people as a cop.  Before I had my internship I didn’t even know what I wanted to do for a career, but after I met my supervisor and had discussions with him about the police force I knew I would like a job in the fields of criminology or Criminal Justice.

     I hope that all will follow me and continue to read my posts. I will try to keep a continues blog time. I will try to blog once or twice a week. I will blog about my experiences and also news about the criminal justice field. You should come back to read the latest news and facts about what is going on in the world that has to do with criminal justice.

I challenge you to follow my blog to learn and to get the latest information.